Spartan Performance Review

The first thing that struck me when I entered Spartan Performance was the level and air of professionalism. I’ve been to many gyms and I feel calling this a gym an unfair statement. Spartan Performance is driven by result based strength training and that statement alone speaks volumes to me – this place is where you go to work hard and under the guidance of experienced coaches you achieve your goals. I paid £10 for my one off session click the link for a list of prices.

Jack Lovett – image from Spartan Performance website
Spartan Performance

Spartan Performance is located in Consett in County Durham. I tagged along with a friend who was starting his personal one to one coaching with the founder Jack Lovett. Jack is an impressive commanding figure and speaking to my friend afterwards Jack was extremely thorough and without doubt extremely knowledgeable about the industry as a whole.

View from upstairs

You may think it is pretty standard but I have been to a lot of gyms who just let you sign in and get on with it but not here. The coach on duty made me go through health and safety details along with a waiver and then gave me a tour of the facility. There was an abundance of bars and the coach asked me what I was training today, it was lower body/leg focussed, she showed me the bars for to use for deadlifting and if I should want to do any weightlifting she should me the various bars on offer. It was a thorough guide and then I was left to get on with it. Oh and it was impeccably clean!

There is a large turf section of the facility where the warms and more functional training is completed. I started there and noticed the variety of tools/gadgets for warming up and then looked further down the turf and saw more equipment for conditioning and strength training.

– image from Spartan Performance website

After warming my workout consisted of trap bar deadlifts. Each deadlift platform was equipped with enough weights for most experienced lifters. Each platform also had a free standing squat rack and more bars safely in place on hooks against the wall. Spartan performance also had 3 large squat/power racks, again equipped with various bars and weights. This was a seriously well equipped centre.

Wenning Belt Squat

I moved onto the belt squat. As someone who suffers from lower back issues placing a bar across the back for a conventional squat can be a challenge. I hooked myself in (after being shown the correct attachment and demonstration from Jack himself) I was ready to go. The leg press and belt squat are both Wenning Strength – Wenning produces some of the highest quality gym products on the market and if you get an opportunity to use the belt squat you must!

I then moved to free weight exercises – walking lunges, tempo squats and banded hip thrusts before finishing off with some delt work and some bro curls.

Spartan Performance had a variety of equipment for Strongman, Weightlifting, Powerlifting and general functional fitness. I noticed some members utilising the strongman equipment by using the training log and, yoke and circus dumbbell. There was other machinery available for upper body work and a reverse hyperextension to boot. You can join a Barbell Club and have options from learning the basics to Olympic Weightlifting to Powerlifting. There is also a physiotherapist on site too.

The Saunas

Though the facility is not massive it is very comprehensive and it would take more than a few visits to fully experience what it has to offer – they even have saunas upstairs and a reception bar that offers healthy meals and snacks.

Personally, I feel that Spartan Performance is the perfect example of knowing what you are as a business (and I mean any business) and how to maximised and utilise you working space. If you are serious about strength training or performance then you have to make a visit to this place. If you’re from out the area stay in Durham and make the most of it.

Images are from Spartan Performance’s website (stated) and others are my own from my visit.

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